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The family directory of herbs

Therapeutic dried herbs

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Biologically active substances in a vegetative organism collect in its various parts and during the certain periods of development. Kidneys, a bark, a grass, leaves, tsvetki, roots, rhizomes, tubers, fruits, seeds can be a place of accumulation of operating substances in plants. Time and a place of accumulation of biologically active substances in a plant define term of its preparation.

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We prepare house medicines

Medical products apply inside and naruzhno, more often in the form of mixes. For preparation of infusions and broths dry medicinal raw materials crush: a grass, leaves, flowers — till the sizes of particles no more than 5 mm; roots, stalks, a bark — to 3 mm, and fruits, seeds — 0,5 mm.

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Interest to herbal medicine last years has increased, and Return to it is not casual. There was a number of circumstances, confirming expediency of use ancient method treatments along with other methods of national medicine.
Treatment by plants has sustained check by time. It is a lot of centuries back a mighty instinct of self-preservation аПаОТљаМаОаГ to the person to find the necessary curative grasses. Doctoring and sorcery have always been closely connected with spiritual Traditions the people. From generation to generation carefully Were transferred councils of folk healers, whose practice Was based on curative influence of the surrounding nature also has been penetrated by its vital energy.
For today the herbal medicine problem consists in Application plants with use of modern level of knowledge which developed through many centuries.

Here how the role of herbs was distributed:
<@> At initial stages of disease vegetative preparations can appear the basic means of treatment in view of their softer action and small toxicity;
<@> at the height of disease they are important for maintenance of protective forces of an organism, strengthening of effect of the basic The medicinal means, reduction of their collateral action;
<@> on etalereabilitatsii they play a considerable role in respect of supporting therapy, especially at б…бЂаОТљаНаИбµаЕб±аКаИб… diseases.
But, using our councils, remember about Necessities careful application of folk remedies. The wide long-term uses of medicinal grasses Has generated belief that these natural curative б±бЂаЕаДТљб±бІаВаА are harmless. However so, unfortunately, happens not аВб±аЕТљаГаДаА. Do not forget that inept, careless application of medicinal grasses can lead irreversible To processes in an organism.
How to keep the health? On this and other questions you will find answers to our site. The greatest value of this information that councils about treatment which are based on application of the checked up folk remedies here are collected and do not demand any scarce and expensive Medicines. Medicinal grasses, vegetables, fruit, honey тЂѕ here those components with which help you will manage to keep the health for many long years.

This site does not apply for a role of panacea and on completeness of a statement of that valuable experience that has been saved up аНаАбЂаОаДТљаНаОаЙ by medicine within centuries. But this experience should find a corresponding place in modern medicine and To help the patient to restore the health, and that who not Needs in treatment, тЂѕ to keep the good physical shape, working capacity, composure. So, we wish kind health and good luck in yours Undertakings!